Take control of your cloud governance without need of scarce technical expertise.

Set the terms for which rules to apply in your cloud platform, and make sure that they are followed.

Cost Governance

Achieve cost control by managing your Cost Management Policies.

Security Governance

Create a consistent regime with best practices of compliance and safety rules.

Resource Governance

Make sure your platform resources are deployed and configured consistently and repeatably.

Identity Governance

Ensure identities to be consistently applied across your environment.

Deployment Governance

Govern the lifecycle of your environment with policies to ensure it remains in compliance.

“It has been working very well for us. There is an excellent technical understanding and competencies within their teams and many of our most challenging technical projects come to them.”


Ola Nordmann, Economic Manager

Cloud Cop

Cloud Cop is a cloud platform advisory solution for optimizing cost, security, transparency and environmental sustainability by managing governance policies

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