Secure your business and increase the speed of innovation and development

Policies should be easy to implement and manage, so you can focus more on what provides growth for your business.
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Security Governance

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Security Governance

Ensure that the cloud platform complies with your company’s regulatory requirements and business rules.
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Cost Governance

Get more relevant and valuable cost control from a business perspective
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Resource Governance

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Resource Governance

Get an optimized and proactive operating environment with less downtime and faster recovery
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Deployment Governance

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Deployment Governance

Achieve secure processes for configuration and distribution of platform resources
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Identity Governance

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Identity Governance

Reduce the risk associated with identity services and access control
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Cloud Cop
The next generation Cloud-Center-of-Excellence

Make sure that the cloud platform is in accordance with the company's requirements and rules, and get better utilization of the cloud platform. Whether the business is at the beginning of its cloud journey, or is already an advanced user of cloud platforms, we can help you simplify the administration of rules and management in the cloud platform. In this way, you will secure the business and increase the speed of innovation and development

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We deliver the next generation Cloud-Center-of-Excellence as-a-Service.
As an Microsoft Partner, we are proud to be found in the Microsoft Marketplace

✔ Cloud Governance

We help our customers cloud platform to be compliant with business rules, without need for specialists


✔ Advanced advisory

We guide our customers with best practices through advanced context aware advisory functions


✔ Cost Management

We ensure that our customers have more predictability and control over their total cloud platform costs

✔ Sustainability

We enable our customers to have a sustainable cloud infrastructure for their business

Establish rules in the cloud platform so that the company avoids errors or sabotages that can have major consequences

30 days trial

Try Cloud Cop free for 30 days.
We onboard you in 5 minutes, safe and ready to create rules in your own cloud platform.

It`s important for us that Cloud Cop gives real value for your business. Therefore, we give you the opportunity to try the solution before you decide on further use.

The trial period has no obligation.


Although Cloud Cop is easy to use, you may want some advice.

We offer an introductory start-up session to anyone who wants to use Cloud Cop. In addition we are available as product advisors along the way.


When using Cloud Cop, you will experience high stability, security and availability. This also applies to support for you as a user.

For support requests, contact us at:

  • (24/7)
  • +47 23 52 52 92 (08-22)


There are constant changes in both the market and development.
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